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  • Eco straws wholesale
  • Eco straws wholesale
  • Eco straws wholesale
  • Eco straws wholesale
Eco straws wholesaleEco straws wholesaleEco straws wholesaleEco straws wholesale

Eco straws wholesale

  • Material:wheat
  • Origin: China
  • ​Length:200mm
  • MOQ:1000PC
  • Product description: Eco straws wholesale, pure natural recyclable and plasticless wheat drinking straws

Eco straws wholesale

Category: straws (food grade)

Material: wheat straw

Features: environmentally friendly, healthy, biodegradable, low carbon life

Length: 20cm

Inner diameter: 4mm (suitable for water, juice, beverages)

Process: natural wheat straw, high temperature sterilization, high temperature drying

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage: Must be ventilated and kept dry

Package : 100pcs/bag (box)  170bags(boxes)/carton   carton size: 55* 42*42cm


Use boiled, high-temperature salt water for sterilization, heat and dry at high temperature, safe usage . When wheat stalks grow naturally, black spots or yellowish brown will appear. This is normal, and it is not moldy. The earth's environment is continuously deteriorating, everyone can Can be a part of low-carbon lifestyle

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